Change Your Thinking Change Your World

We decide how to react to any situation and are attitude can make it a positive or negative situation. Driving through morning rush hour traffic this week to attend a training class, I decided to change the way I let the traffic affect my mood. I was getting stressed about not being on time. So, I took a deep breath and mentally stopped to watch the cars ahead of me in the left, middle and right lanes of traffic. Each car driver making a choice on what lane was going to get them to their destination the quickest.  BOLD LAW: Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

It struck me how the lane we choose and the speed we take impacts how we get to our destination. Driving north on the Raleigh beltline, my view of the road was cars on the far left being in the fast lane and the cars on the right, in the slower merge lane.

I noticed the far right lane had many other cars merging onto its path which cause the cars to periodically slow, as new drivers merged onto their path. The drivers were choosing to ride a lane that would allow others to slow their progress and stop their own priorities by allowing others goals to come first.  Will the person whom they allowed to move ahead of them, be grateful and return the favor later or will they speed ahead and put them in their dust, never looking back? Have you ever had a client, co-worker, or personal friend, who demanded that you stop what you are doing and help them now, rearrange your schedule now so that their needs were met? Did they really appreciate your time or effort or watch in the rear view mirror as they continued their path and you readjusted to another deadline or opportunity missed because you allowed another person’s goal to become the priority.  Thus, delaying the time it takes for you to reach your goals? Of course helping others is a great attribute, but we have to ensure that do not allow this distract us from our tactical and strategic goals. BOLD LAW: What you focus on Expands

In the fast lane, cars hurriedly sped down the road only having to slam on their brakes as the congestion increased.  Sometimes having to completely curve off the road to avoid hitting the car in front of them. Sure they may seem to be on the fast track, but are quickly stopped short when an obstacle is put in their way. Reminds me of how we often rush to get this done and find out we missed so many important details, aspects of our life, because we did not take a moment to enjoy our surroundings. Could be time with family, a beautiful skyline, or just being in the moment.  Also similar to when we try the next big thing that we think will take us faster to our end goal to only find out that it was a temporary fix and we have to stop and rethink our strategy, start off slow again, before we actually make progress.  A BOLD law: Don’t mistake movement for achievement.

As I realized those in the slow and fast lanes where not really getting ahead any faster, I chose to take the middle lane. On most days I would have been on the fast lane, I have to admit, weaving in and out of traffic as I tried to take find the find the quickest path to my destination. But on this day, I took a moment to observe and it was clear the fast lane was only temporarily getting ahead and the right law was being stalled by all the newcomers on the road.

In the middle lane, a car rudely squeeze in between me and the car in front of me, yes, I did mumble a few words to myself. As the car then moved to the fast lane, I wondered really how much further will it get? I kept my pace in the middle lane and smiled to myself as I passed the car who was not stopped to my right side.  As I continued down the road, it was clear to me that staying focused on my path, my goals, with observation to what was happening around me but not letting that distract me, and being respectful of others drivers was the quickest and most efficient way to reach my destination. BOLD LAW: Focus on the Plan, not the Problem.

On that day, I changed the way I looked at things, instead of being stressed about the traffic, I used it as a learning experience.  You may be wondering why I am referring to BOLD laws. Well I was on my way to a BOLD training which is a Keller Williams Real Estate Company training program that has helped it learned the No. 1 Training Company in the World.  I had told a colleague that my driving brought an idea to mind about a blog but little did I know that what I was going to learn that day was going to reshape the outcome.

So where is your career, life, or goals taking you? Are you rushing to get to them, allowing others to distract you, or are you steadily staying focused on your intent with CLARITY? As Dianna Kokoska states in her journal ask yourself “What am I holding onto that isn’t serving me in the present and taking me to a better future?”

Lastly, before you get into your car and head to your destination, ask yourself do your truly know your destination and how it fits into your life’s goal?  Is your destination leading to the path of your dreams for yourself or for your family? BOLD LAW: The purpose of business is to fund a perfect life. Is your career and your daily actions in your business or life, the step to your perfect life?

PS: I did make it to the seminar 15 minutes before start time.


Michele Langley, SPHR and Broker is a relocation specialist with over 10 years of resume writing, and interview coaching experience.  Her dream is to positively impact others’ lives by helping individuals and families find homes and jobs. She focuses on helping individuals, families and employees relocate to or within the United States by providing a positive relocation adventure through a professional real estate experience and proactive job search assistance. Learn more at www.hrparealty.com or www.searchhomesraleighnc.comChanging Lives One Move at a Time