Ways a Raleigh Realtor Should Help You

The Best Realtor in Raleigh NC is one that:

  • Listens to you
  • Provides full-service real estate services
  • Has your back!
  • Goes the extra mile!
  • Tells you the positive and negative
  • Is with you every step of the way

The Best Raleigh Realtor educates you on real estate transactions

To have a successful real estate transaction, it is important that home buyers and sellers seek out a professional who is trained in real estate law and can guide you to make sure that there are no hidden facts that could impact your decision to buy or sell your home. But more importantly, if you are looking to buy a home in Raleigh NC your first step, is to find a Realtor who is a full-time professional.  The real estate forms change almost yearly and new rules are in place due to problems that the real estate commission has seen in for certain real estate transactions.  Most problems that arise in real estate transactions are due to agents who are not actively reaching out to their clients, and coordinating the home buying or selling process with the other real estate agent.

You should seek a Realtor that does more than just show you a home but explains in details the North Carolina Offer to Purchase, Buyers Agency Agreement and other forms that will be used in the process of buying or selling a home in Raleigh.  This ensures that when a home buyer is ready to make an offer or a home seller is ready to list their home, they are fully aware of decisions that need to be made. At Modern Living Home Team, we like to consider ourselves your coaches and mentors through the real estate process ensuring that you have all the facts to make an offer or accept an offer.

Your Raleigh Realtor needs to Have your Back!

Did you know that a real estate transaction is least likely to close on time if there is not a real estate agent on BOTH SIDES of the real estate transaction?  Using a limited service company or a fee-based company can cause so many problems because, without FULL FIDUCIARY responsibility, you are not being represented in the transaction. A great realtor is one who can facilitate the conversation with all parties involved to ensure that home inspections, appraisals, repairs, and movers are coordinated according to the contract. In addition, by engaging a broker who has your best interest in mind will save you money through price negotiations and repair negotiations.

A Professional Raleigh Realtor Listens to You!

The Modern Living Home team truly understands the Raleigh real estate market.  Our goal is to listen to home buyers and sellers and first understand their personal and financial real estate needs and then educate them on how the market will impact the goal.  Maybe it is the days on market and how it will impact your plans to relocate to Raleigh NC or move out of state.  How much net profit can you expect from the sale of your home in Raleigh and will that be enough to help your next down payment for your new home in Raleigh NC?

A successful real estate experience is also about having a good fit with your realtor.  Trust, mutual respect, and communication are key factors in ensuring your Raleigh Realtor and Real Estate Expert can successfully represent you.  Your time is important to us which is why your broker should ensure that we have a buyers consultation to discuss your home preferences, financial goals, so when we are ready to view homes for sale in Raleigh NC, we have a targeted selection of homes that will meet your needs.  We are not going to show you homes in Raleigh that are above your price range, do not have the minimum square footage or yard that you truly desire for your family.

The Best Realtor in Raleigh will give you all the information, good or bad!

If you are buying a home in Raleigh, you need a realtor who will walk with you through various homes for sale and discuss what makes the home a potential fit or things in the home that does not meet your criteria.  It might be as simple as mentioning the home does not have a gas stove, which was one of your needs and looking to see if one can be installed or if the stove is located in a place that would not accommodate a gas line.  It is not about buying the first home you see but finding the home of your dreams in Raleigh.

Your Realtor is With You Every Step of the Way!

The information that a realtor should provide does not stop there because there is a title search, inspection reports to review, information on flood zones, and potential new zoning that needs to be researched.  We tell our clients that finding the house is just the first step, there are many other items that need to be investigated and negotiated during the due diligence period.

Home Buyers should ask a lot of questions to make sure they fully understand the impact of buying a home in a particular Raleigh subdivision.  Many subdivisions have a covenant that puts limits on the number of pets, what type of a fence can be put up and all this information needs to be reviewed with the potential home buyers.  Be sure to get a copy before finalizing your home purchase in Raleigh.

A great real estate professional will take you back to the home you are considering buying and help you look at all the details, room layouts, wall paint, and items that will most likely need to be repaired. Sometimes the first look could miss cracks in walls, broken doors, and crawl spaces that may need remediation.

Many Realtors forget that without customer service being the primary goal, their client will most likely not come back again.  That is why the Modern Living Home Team we make sure that our clients receive the professional and a highly interactive real estate experience when buying or selling a home in Raleigh NC.  Because our number one goal is making home buyers and sellers happy!

So are you ready now to look for homes for sale in Raleigh NC or sell your Raleigh home? Contact your Raleigh Realtor and Relocation Specialist Michele Langley at Modern Living Home team to discuss your real estate needs.